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Every picture is individually priced. Prices do not include print and or shipping costs. There are no limited editions. 
To order simply go to contact and let me know how I can help you. I'll be happy to answer any question. 
J A M // 22

Limited Edition Photo Book

Because there are as many nuances between loud and quiet 
as there are between black and white.

Packed together into a soundless album to remember and 
internalise light moments in a dark basement.
Sound painting and drawing with light.
Two languages understood around the world.
Light and dark. Sounds and pauses. 
Lines and dots. Long and short. 
Light and shadow. Loud and quiet.

A composition of feelings, mindfulness and rhythm.

Price: CHF 80.-
F U L L.

The Series. 


Price each: CHF 200.-
T H E.  A R R I V A L.

a lucky incounter 


Price: CHF 100.-
(max. A4)
M A R I G O L D.


Price: CHF 100.-
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